Specialised programme

PROFESSIONAL DAYS 21. – 26. 8. 2021


Saturday, 21. 6.

young farmers’ day
ploughmen’s day


Sunday, 22. 8.

rural youth day
beekeepers’ day
day of foresters and forest
agricultural technology day
day of indigenous breeds


Monday, 23. 8. 

food scientists’ day
gastronomy day
cattle breeders’ day
vets’ day
seed cultivator’s day
organic farming day


Tueseday, 24. 8. 

fruit growers’ day
CAFS day
horse breeders’ day
winegrowers and wine merchants day
tourist farms day
Hungary day


Wednesday, 25. 8.

Slovenian cooperatives’ day
pig breeders’ day
farm food education day
sheep and goat breeders’ day


Thursday, 26. 8.

day of natural park
vegetable producers’ day
exhibition gardens day
Austrian Styria day