Web Fair Exibition Conditions




Participation in the event is possible with prior registration. Integral parts of the application are a fully completed application form and these Terms of Participation; the application is a legally binding and irrevocable contract for the exhibitor. The application form must be delivered to the organizer within the stipulated application deadline; the organizer reserves the right not to take into account late application forms and applications with reservations. The prices valid for the event are stated on the registration form in € and net amounts.



The exhibitor undertakes to pay for the services ordered in the application. Taxes are paid by the exhibitor. After confirming the application, the organizer issues a pro forma invoice to the exhibitor, which the exhibitor must pay in full within the specified period. Payment of the pro forma invoice is a condition for participation in the event. The organizer issues an invoice upon receipt of payment. In case of late payment, the organizer may charge legal default interest.



The event will take place on the Pomuski sejem website, on the PozdravTV portals and the network of their partners in Slovenia and abroad, on the online channels of social networks and in the classic media. If the event has to be moved, shortened or extended, exhibitors have no right to claim damages



The exhibitor is obliged to adhere to the deadlines and conditions for the submission of their own materials necessary for the implementation of the event. The exhibitor undertakes that all information provided in the application will be accurate and true. The organizer is not responsible for inaccurate information of exhibitors. If the organizer finds or receives a complaint that the exhibitor is violating the terms of participation, a warning can be issued with a call to stop or elimination of infringements or prevent the exhibitor from further participation in the event.



The exhibitor can cancel their participation in the event at any time, but the organizer will not refund the amounts already paid.



The organizer reserves the right to reject all applications that do not comply with these Terms of Participation and does not assume any responsibility for such rejected applications. In this case, it is considered that the contractual relationship between the parties was never established.

The organizer guarantees that the exhibitor’s materials that meet the conditions specified in the application and will be sent by 31st August 2020 will be published on the opening day of the event, which is 7th September 2020. For applications after the application deadline and after the start of the event, the organizer ensures the publication of materials within 5 working days after receipt of relevant proposals.

Inasmuch as the exhibitor orders a video presentation from the organizer, the recording and publication of the presentation will be carried out on the basis of an agreement between the organizer and the exhibitor, wherein both parties undertake to provide maximum support for the earliest possible implementation. Only materials ordered on the basis of the application and paid for according to the proforma invoice will be published. The organizer strives for smooth operation of the website and all services arising from these Terms of Participation, but does not assume responsibility for the malfunctioning or failure of the website or services due to disruption or failure of the Internet network or malfunctioning of the website due to force majeure.



By signing the application form, the exhibitor allows the organizer to process the data specified in the application in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, and use them for the purpose of sending e-news, statistical processing, fulfilling contractual and legal obligations, sending offers, promotional material, publications and invitations to events, telephone, written and electronic notifications and surveys, as well as provide information about the exhibitor to the contractual partners of Pomurski sejem. The organizer processes personal data in accordance with the valid legislation in the field of personal data protection. The exhibitor can unsubscribe at any time from receiving Pomurski sejem notifications.



The organizer reserves the right to change these Conditions of Participation. All changes will be published on the website of the event and will take effect on the day of their publication. For situations that are not provided for in the provisions of these Conditions of Participation, the valid legislation of the Republic of Slovenia shall apply. All parties involved will endeavour to resolve any disputes by mutual agreement. If a mutually agreed solution is not possible, the court in Gornja Radgona is competent to resolve disputes.