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20. – 25. 8. 2022


“This year’s 59th International Fair of Agriculture and Food AGRA will not be judged by the number of exhibitors, the size of exhibition spaces and the number of visitors. The biggest achievement is that we prepared it during the epidemic with its measures and restrictions that did not inspire us with optimism that we could experience the fair live. We will also assess it by the fact that the organizers, together with the exhibitors, farmers, food industry and competent institutions, insisted on holding the fair because we respect its almost sixty-year-old fair tradition and the long-term mission of the Slovenian countryside.

This year’s Agra broke through the ice of measures and fear. By observing the recovered-vaccinated-tested condition, along with the possibility of testing and vaccination on the spot at the event, we enabled safe business activities and socializing, which everyone badly missed. Even those exhibitors and visitors, who came to the fair with doubts, responded with satisfaction and gratitude at the end of the event.

AGRA has once again proved that it is more than just a fair. It reflects Slovenian agriculture, agricultural policy and the countryside. During Slovenia’s presidency of the EU Council AGRA played a key role in coordinating the development strategy of Slovenian and European agriculture, agri-food and forestry with the partner country of the fair, France, which will take over the presidency of the EU Council for Slovenia. Due to the epidemiological situation, especially the demanding organization and implementation of the fair, the organizers also took care of the safety and health of all participants.
The biggest thanks for the successful organization of the fair goes, of course, to agriculture, the food industry, exhibitors and institutions who believed in the positive message of AGRA as well as to visitors who, after two years, welcomed and accepted AGRA as a great holiday of earth, sun and heart.

Thanks to the exhibitors who succeeded to present the best they can offer in these special times!

In the field of agricultural machinery, top Slovenian producers and the best foreign brands presented themselves with an emphasis on forestry machinery. In the field of the food industry, the best Slovenian food brands and excellent products of supplementary activities on farms were represented.

In the professional part, sample plantations of agricultural and horticultural plants, forest park plantations and a honey plant plantation with a new, modern model beehive were on display.

Livestock exhibitions offered quality presentations of cattle breeding, horse breeding, breeding of small ruminants and small animals with an emphasis on autochthonous Slovenian breeds.

Institutions presented themselves, which also shaped the content of current and important professional consultations, meetings and exhibitions. The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food with Minister Jože Podgoršek and the entire professional team used the AGRA fair as an opportunity to present and meet with all stakeholders in the field of agriculture and food. At the fair presentation, the Cooperative Alliance of Slovenia organized the award ceremony and a professional meeting with cooperative colleagues from France. The Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry presented agricultural institutes, the largest non-governmental organizations in agriculture and individual farms, and participated in professional animal exhibitions. Along with the presentation of the best Slovenian food brands, the Chamber of Agricultural and Food Companies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry also organized important professional meetings of producers and growers. That the future of agriculture and food is in education has been proven by biotechnical high schools and universities.
The AGRA fair is an opportunity to thank all the excellent producers who participated in the professional quality assessments of dairy and meat products, soft drinks, honey and wines that were carried out under the auspices of the fair. Once again, we congratulate them for the excellent results and the awards they received at the fair.

We must also thank the media, which reported a lot and favourably on the event, and also live from the fair.

I would like to conclude with the promise that tomorrow we will start organizing and preparing for the jubilee, 60th AGRA International Fair of Agriculture and Food, which will take place in Gornja Radgona from 20. to 25. August 2022.”

Janez Erjavec, President of the Pomurski sejem Management Board



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