Exibition Conditions

General terms

1. General Stipulations

The registration is at the same time also the agreement. It is to be filled in by the exhibitor and confirmed by Pomurski sejem d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the organiser). The registration is legally binding for the exhibitor and valid as an irrevocable agreement. Registrations with reservations are not considered. Exhibition terms apply for the application and the A and B agreement. The prices valid for the event are stated on the front page of this registration/agreement. Exhibitor’s participation is subject to his indication of the exhibition programme. The exhibitor may only exhibit objects registered in this registration. By signing this application/agreement, the exhibitor acknowledges and accepts the exhibition conditions, and allows the organiser to process the data provided in the agreement in his data bases in accordance with the data protection law, and to use these data for the purposes of statistical processing, segmentation of participants, fulfilment of contractual and legal obligations, sending of offers, advertising material, publications and invitations to events, and for telephone, written and electronic information and surveys and to provide the information about the exhibitor to his contract partners. The organiser may process these data for 10 years after the last participation in fair or another event, or until a written revocation of the permission is received, except where the legislation in force provides different terms. The organiser reserves the right to decide upon admitting the exhibitor or the exhibits to the event.

2. Allocation of the Exhibition Stand

Home and foreign exhibitors, whose exhibits meet the topic of the exhibition, may exhibit at the exhibition. Commercial representatives and importers may exhibit the objects of the companies they represent. Success of the exhibition is in the interest of the organiser who decides upon admitting the exhibitor to the exhibition and allocating him the exhibition stand. The organiser reserves the right to reduce or increase the size of the exhibition stand by up to 10 %. The minimum exhibition space that the exhibitor can order covers 9 sq. m of unequipped indoor exhibition stand, and 10 sq. m of unequipped outdoor exhibition stand. Each modification of the allocated exhibition stand should be previously approved by the organiser. The organiser may displace or close the entrance and exit doors of the halls and, if necessary, perform other changes of the exhibition stands. The organiser decides upon these modifications at his sole discretion, always in the interest of the exhibition. Should the organiser for whatever reason not be able to provide to the exhibitor the already allocated exhibition stand, the exhibitor is entitled to be reimbursed for the sum paid for the exhibition stand.

3. Cancelling the Allocated Exhibition Stand

The organiser has a right to refuse the registration or to annul the issued confirmation under Art. 7 of the registration/agreement in the following cases:

  1. The time of application the exhibitor is in composition, bankruptcy or winding up proceedings.
  2. Exhibitor has outstanding debts towards the organiser from previous exhibitions.
  3. The exhibits are not suitable for the topic of the exhibition.

4. Registration/Agreement Termination

In case the exhibitor terminates this registration/contract he agrees to pay:

  • Both the registration fee and obligatory catalogue entry if the registration/contract is terminated within 10 days after the organiser’s confirmation.
  • 50% of the ordered services if the registration/contract is terminated 30 to 15 days before fair opening.
  • 100% of the ordered services if the registration/contract is terminated less than 15 days before fair opening.

Exhibitors shall terminate registration/contract in written form.

Date of receipt of written termination is considered to be the date of termination.

5. Registration Fee and Compulsory Entry in the Catalogue

The exhibitor undertakes to pay the registration fee, the compulsory entry in the catalogue and to the list of exhibitors on the website of the fair with a link to the website of the exhibitor. The exhibitor undertakes to provide all information necessary for the compulsory entry in the catalogue within to term stated on the form A. Exhibitor’s failure to submit data for the entry in the catalogue within due time shall result in publishing of some general data in the catalogue’s appendix. The entry in the catalogue’s appendix shall be considered as the obligatory entry in the catalogue. Even if the entry in the catalogue’s appendix is not possible because of a delay caused by the exhibitor (at the latest 20 days prior to the beginning of the exhibition), the exhibitor undertakes to pay the full price for the registration fee and the compulsory entry in the catalogue. The organizer reserves the right to shorten and adapt the content of the entry in the exhibition catalog, but is not responsible for any errors.

6. Payment

The exhibitor undertakes to pay for all services ordered on the registration and the agreements A and B. Taxes are paid by the exhibitor. Following receipt of the signed application/contract by the organiser, the exhibitor shall receive a cost estimate which shall be paid in full in due time. After the service has been performed, i.e. on the last day of the exhibition, an invoice is issued by the organiser. The exhibitor undertakes to pay the invoice within due time. Legal interests apply in case of late payment. The exhibitor can object to the invoice within 8 days after its receipt. If the exhibitor objects only to a part of the invoice, he is obliged to settle the undisputed part of the invoice within the term and in the way provided by the registration/agreement.

7. Registration/Agreement Confirmation

On the basis of the paid cost estimate the organiser issues to the exhibitor a confirmation for the allocated exhibition stand together with the location. The confirmation is an integral part of the registration/agreement.

8. Term and place of exhibition

If case the exhibition time shifts, shortens or extended, or if the venue changes, the exhibitors are not entitled to cancel the exhibition or claim indemnity.

9. Technical Conditions

The exhibitors shall submit to the organiser an outline (drafts) of the set-up and equipment of their exhibition stand. These outlines (drafts) shall be confirmed by the organiser prior to the beginning of assembling. The exhibitor shall obtain written permission of the organiser for exhibition spaces exceeding 2.5 m in height. Placing of propaganda material without organiser’s written permission is forbidden. The exhibitor shall remove barriers, obstacles and unsuitable constructions immediately after the organiser points them out to the exhibitor. Otherwise, the organiser shall do so at exhibitor’s expense.

10. Permanent Passes for Exhibitors

After confirming his exhibition space, the exhibitor shall receive free permanent passes for the persons working at the exhibition space. The exhibitor is entitled to two permanent passes for each application for exhibitors, and one free pass for every
10 sq m indoor or 20 sq m outdoor exhibition spaces, but not more than 10 permanent passes in total. The organiser reserves the right to cancel free permanent passes in case of misuse.

11. Assembling, Disassembling

Assembling and disassembling should be registered prior to their beginning. The exhibitor undertakes to respect the assembly and dismantling deadlines. Once disassembling is completed, the exhibitor should restore the exhibition stand. In the negative, he is obliged to refund to the organiser the damage on the whole. When setting up and equipping the exhibition stand, during the exhibition and the disassembling, the exhibitor/his executant should above all consider the following:

  • regulations on fire safety
  • other technical regulations and standards
  • all valid regulations on safety at work
  • general working conditions on the fairgrounds.

The exhibitor is not allowed to remove the exhibits from the exhibition stand until the exhibition is over. He may leave the exhibition stand before time only on the basis of a written approval of the organiser.

12. Warranty and Insurance

  • The organiser will not be held responsible for the damage or loss of the exhibitor’s property/property of the exhibitor’s executant (e.g. exhibits, equipment, etc.), occurred by theft, fire, accident or any other reason. The exhibitor insures his exhibits and equipment on the exhibition stand at his own costs.
  • The exhibitor undertakes to be present at his exhibition space during the entire assembly and dismantling time, as well as during the operating hours of the fair, and assumes full responsibility for his equipment and exhibits.
  • The exhibitor is held responsible for the damage or accidents caused to the organiser or to a third person on the exhibition stand by the exhibitor himself or by his staff.
  • The organiser does not assume any warranty for the vehicles left on the fairgrounds or parking lots by the exhibitor, his employees or people authorised by him/the
    exhibitor’s executant.
  • There is no warranty for the insufficient inscription in the exhibition catalogue (i.e. typographical-, formative errors, wrong translation or failure of the inscription, etc.).
  • The exhibitor is not allowed to transfer the allocated exhibition stand or advertising space/parts thereof to any third person. In case of violation the organiser reserves the right to charge to the exhibitor additional 100% of the price of the allocated exhibition stand/advertising space.

13. Presentations

The exhibitor shall obtain written approval from the organiser for all kinds of presentations he intends to perform on the allocated exhibition stand. The organiser is entitled to restrict or prohibit the presentations causing noise, dirt, dust, gas leak, or in whatever way hindering the course of the exhibition, in spite of the fact that he has already issued a written consent for the presentations. The presentations may be performed exclusively on the allocated exhibition stand.

14. Photographing and Drawing

The organiser has a right to take photographs of the exhibition stands and exhibits, to draw them or to shoot them on a film/video tape, as well as to use the material for his personal or general use. The exhibitor waives all claim of copyright. Photographing, drawing or shooting are not allowed without the permission of the organiser; this exception is possible only on the exhibitor’s own exhibition stand.

15. Cleaning of Fair Grounds and Exhibition Space

The organiser provides the cleaning of the fairgrounds and passages in halls. Cleaning of the exhibition stand is the obligation of each separate exhibitor; if so ordered, cleaning may be assumed by the organiser or by an organisation appointed by him at exhibitor’s expenses.

16. Right of Lien

The organiser has a right of lien for all the exhibitor’s goods brought to the fairgrounds (e.g. exhibits, equipment, etc.) in case of exhibitor’s outstanding debts towards the organiser. The withheld object shall be stored at exhibitor’s expenses and risk. Failure to settle the outstanding debts within 30 days after the termination of the exhibition shall result in organiser’s right to sell the withheld goods and to settle the outstanding debt and other expenses with the revenues, and to remit possible balance to the exhibitor balance within 15 days upon the effected sale.

17. Jurisdiction

The organiser and the exhibitor undertake to settle all possible disputes in an amicable way. If the parties are unable to agree, the venue jurisdiction is the Gornja Radgona district court.